Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Summer Camp for College Students

Yesterday, the orientation group I am in for this extravaganza came up with the idea that orientation is essentially summer camp, in that every second of our day, and almost all of it is compulsory. Granted it is very fun, but we are herded from one place to the other without stopping. However, it is extremely fun! There have been quite a few interesting experiences, including an entertaining game of Ninja and a debate about whether one thing can stop a revolution.

Oh. The whole premise behind orientation, and part of the reason that we all started calling it summer camp, was that we were all separated into districts, Hunger Games style. Yours truly was a part of District One! Whoo! I had quite a few friends in the group with me, and also a pretty cool O-leader. I actually think I want to be one either next year or the year after.
Just kindly ignore the fact that I look a bit odd with a bandana. It took me about an hour the next day to finally get it figured out. Too much curly hair does not a bandana wearer make. I felt kind of like one of those strange people on tv with the bandanas on because of the hair. I turned it into a headband for the rest of the night. 

The next day was meant for basically whatever we wanted to as it was advising day. I wore my human ingredient shirt, because I'm a nerd like that. Here's the view I get as I walk to my dorm in the morning from the tech center. 
And here is my new home, aka the science building. Graduating in three years with a degree in biochemistry means I get to legit live here for the next three years. 
What with all our free time, we decided it might not be a bad idea to wander around looking for our classes. Here's a look at all the wandering we did. 
Oh yeah. Fun stuff. After an afternoon of just chilling in the lounge, we went to glo-ball. Oh yeah, dodge ball under black lights. It was great. I'm not very good at dodge ball, but I had fun so ya know there's that. 

On the final day of orientation, we all got into our districts and went off the activities we picked to compete against a each other. I picked trivia, and I did awesome. My group loved me, as I have a great memory when it comes to book trivia believe it or not. Oh right I did get my hair to not look weird with a bandana on!! 
Oh yeah. Side braids are awesome. Sometimes. Most of the time. Anytime it's really hot. After we got done, a couple of us went for a walk around the lake to check out our new hometown and met some adorable mallards! 
Ducks are pretty cool when they're being nice. Then, we decided it was time to attempt laundry. Yeah, no. Until we get new dryers laundry is going to be a long day. No fun. To compensate, we all decided to get super cute for Blastoff, aka the activities fair. I found so many clubs I'm interested in, and just need to pick less than the ones I talked to. Also, I got my stereotypical picture with Mocsie because, ya know, it's not college without a picture with your mascot. 

My hair was somewhat misbehaving, but ya know whatcha gonna do, this is Lakeland, it is hot, and that room was also hot. 

In conclusion, college is going to be awesome, classes start today, and I can't wait to get involved. Isn't that what living in a dorm is all about? 

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