Wednesday, December 14, 2016

I just packed a swimsuit for Alaska, what did you do today?

12 Hours Until Departure

You read the headline, yes I did indeed just throw a swimsuit into my suitcase for a trip close to the Arctic Circle. Tomorrow morning I will be embarking on my newest adventure to Alaska with my school. As a Florida Southern student, I was guaranteed a study abroad experience after completing 4 semesters here. Because I've been to Europe before, and don't really enjoy the idea of going overseas with nothing but a carry on bag, I chose a domestic trip; I'm going to Alaska in December. 

This sounds like a daunting thing, but it's really not. The most current forecast says that it will not go below zero degrees the whole time we are there, there being Wasilla, Healy, and Fairbanks. I had to invest in good boots, warm clothes, and a parka, but I do intend to live up north one day so it's really not a waste that I own all this winter gear. If nothing else it gives a nice exercise in juxtaposition within my wardrobe with all the shorts and tank tops I own. 

Oh! Maybe I should mention the reason behind the swimsuit. We are planning to take a day trip to Chena hot springs where we will get to swim in the spring.

More on what's happening when and where tomorrow after a travel day.

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