Monday, March 17, 2014

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Oh boy oh boy it's St. Paddy's day! Of course for me that means wearing green and going about business as usual. It's Spring Break for me! Well... Okay it's sort of Spring Break for me. I still have my dual enroll classes in the afternoon/evening but that's not too terribly awful because I get the mornings off. This also means that next year's spring break will be absolutely amazing, if only for the fact that I (mostly) get to go do what I want. 
Anyway! What are you all doing for your holiday and/or Spring Break? Tell me about it! If I wasn't in school, and money wasn't an object to be concerned about I would probably try to be in Ireland for this holiday, but of course I am a student, I am broke, and I am not in fact Irish at all. So, the extent of my celebration was having a kiwi with lunch today. 
So, that's what's up for me this green holiday. Enjoy yours, and don't do anything too stupid that you may regret tomorrow. Until next time,

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