Sunday, December 29, 2013


Oh boy, oh boy, oh boy! Christmas was faaaantastic! Over in Germany, Christmas lasts two and a half days! *insert loud cheering here* Anywho, again, this is a shorter post because, well, it's very late (as in this post is a few days late) and it's just not as exciting as my entry about day fourteen and fifteen's activities.

In Germany, Christmas Eve is the day where presents are given and a smaller meal is eaten. Families enjoy dinner together, and once it is dark the Christ Child brings the gifts and they are exchanged. Until recently (and for all I know parents may still do this) trees were not purchased or put up until Christmas Eve while children were sent out the play. They weren't allowed to see the tree or presents until after supper and nightfall. This year, my uncle did in fact put up a tree. It was quite small, but it was beautiful nonetheless.

On First Holiday (December 25th) families gather for a day of dining and just enjoying being together, something that I definitely like about the German Christmas. Usually, it's not about the gifts so much as just being together and celebrating. We went back over to my uncle's, where I got to see my aunt Sofie, Markus, Carmen and meet Vivian, her son. It was wonderful!

On Second Holiday, we spent the morning doing a bit of relaxing, we went to breakfast, and then we came back to get ready to go to Tatjana's house again. That was awesome, as it always when we get to see her. We got to hold her pet dragon, Babel! She was so sweet! She didn't puff up, and when we tried to give her back to her parents she attempted to crawl up my Oma's arms. Silly dragon.
I seriously considered kidnapping Babel and taking her back to the USA. Just kidding, but seriously she was a sweetie.

Anyway, we had a wonderful dinner, spent a little more time with her, and made our way back home. More on days fourteen and fifteen. The adventure begins....

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