Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Day Four: At Last...

Thanks to some very favorable tail winds (that are going to work against us on the way home no doubt) our flight was only 7 hours, 50 minutes (ish, by the end I was delirious). It was the single best flight I've been on, I hardly remembered we were flying. Actually, that is a complete lie; you don't just forget when turbulence comes and also when you can't stand to sit any longer than you have to. Now, we are relaxing and waiting for my uncle to come back to take us to see my great grandmother. Here's my first view upon walking out of the airport:
The sun was just coming up, and it was so flipping cold! 
Then it was autobahn time
Hooray sun! 
And here is the first look at Schwetzingen 
I may or may not be the kind of tired that only going to sleep at six tonight can fix, but I'm also super excited! Now it's time to find the Aldi and lunch and such things. 

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