Thursday, December 26, 2013

Day Ten: The Best Model of Effeciency

This isn't a very long post, as this day was just too much excitement for one person to handle. Today I witnessed the true efficiency of the German people. My great-grandmother collapsed (thoughts and prayers are much appreciated) and the German equivalent of 911 had to be called. I know now why they don't let family work on family in the medical setting. Panic mode sets in and there's no way to tell up from down and left from right. It's just a huge mental mess. However, the German paramedics are some of the most efficient people. Ever. For starters, they were at the house within five minutes of being called. The strange sirens no doubt having to do with people wanting to get out of their way. Soon after they got there and started working, two doctors and a nurse came too.

First off, the jump bags that they had were backpacks, not duffle bags. America, I don't care that you're not running up and down stairs to apartments on the third floor, backpacks are so much more organized. They weren't digging around for things they needed, it was just there neatly laid out.

Second, what I thought was interesting was that they didn't use a stethoscope to take blood pressures until the doctor got there, they just took it over palpation. It was interesting trying to explain what that meant to my mom and Oma.

Third, they had a mobile three lead EKG machine with them. Color me surprised. Anywho, they gave her all kinds of medicine and got her put on a stretcher that was a full body splint, the kind that is filled with sand and they suck the air out of the form it to the body. Anybody remember what those are called?

Now, she's in the hospital, doing somewhat better, and yeah. Post on Christmas to come tonight. (or later this afternoon, depending on where in the world you live).

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